Kualitas sebagai Pemediasi Pengaruh Strategi Kompetitif Kepemimpinan Biaya terhadap Kinerja Perusahaan

Ignatius Soni Kurniawan


This paper examines the relationship among cost leadership competitive strategy, manufacturing  strategy,  and  firm  performance  of  manufacture  firms  in  the  Jababeka Industrial Estate, West Java. The sample was taken by applying a non-probability method with a purposive sampling technique. The questionnaires processed were 104 in number; 79 of which were obtained from mail survey and 25 from e-mail survey. The data were analyzed by making use of path analysis technique. The finding showed that there was significant and positive relationship among cost leadership competitive strategy and the manufacturing strategies of flexibility, quality, delivery, and low cost. It also confirmed that the quality was the only manufacturing strategy component that influences firm performance. The further result showed that the quality mediated a relationship between cost leadership competitive strategies and firm performance.


cost leadership competitive strategies; manufacturing strategy; firm performance; quality

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