Andreas Budiarto


The objective of this study is to analyze maintenance system of medical operational assets in R.S. Panti Rapih Yogyakarta. This research made use of two tools namely, Importance Performance analysis (IPA) and SWOT analysis. While, the accuracy of the questionnaire was measured employing a Likert scale, as well as validity and reliability tests. Importance Performance analysis on the result test of  per vaiabel showed that SOP already exists,  but it does not run well because of several hampering factors, including (1) the lack of capable human resources in both quality and quantity concerning the advancement of medical technology and (2) the lack of specialized institutions that develop skills for the nurses in medical equipment engineering. SWOT analysis indicated that maintenance system of medical operational assets in R.S. Panti Rapih Yogyakarta was in Quadrant 1, which is a very profitable situation. The organization has the chance and strength so as to take advantage over the existing opportunities. The strategy which should be applied in this condition is the one that supports the aggressive growth policies (SO strategy or strength-opportunity strategy) and the one that has some power of  great opportunity to compete among rival hospitals in Yogyakarta; hence, the maintenance system of medical operational assets can be said to run better.


hospital , importance performance analysis, SWOT analysis

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